2023, New media public sculpture custom computer, animated and cast lighting, steel base, acrylic casing, 3D printed PLA, 48" x 48" x 108"

Combining the final fabricated sculpture, with staged lighting, smoke machines, and the site specific details of our location, we aimed to recreate the initial concept image prompted by MidJourney. We then took this image into the DALL-E-2 AI server to extend generative renderings that place “Moment” in an artificial scene built from visual models of our new context.

What is a moment? The word itself stands to be a nebulous description of everything and nothing at all, an indefinite interval of time. Moments can be fleeting, passing us by without notice. A moment can be recorded in history and celebrated for thousands of years. However, with all of its paradoxical descriptors, a moment will always be a precursor to what comes next.

This work “Moment”, is a new media public sculpture that primarily leverages the use of light to both explore the fluid meaning of a moment and to define it through utility. The dimensional nature of sculptural work is leveraged to present observers with a spectrum of experiences. Light is displaced and refracted as it passes through the sculptures' prismed materials. From corner to corner it phases between its natural state and an infinite reflection of itself, redefined each time as a different color form. In opposition, light is taken under full control by the artist through computation and displayed in a specific sequence to provide the observer with a visually-guided-micro-meditation.


Charlotte City Center Partners commissioned “Moment” as part of the 2023 public exhibition, Rail Trail Lights presented by US Bank.