Generative Fossils

A new series using generative models to create historical artifacts of imaginary creatures from virtual worlds.

A few lines of code, become vector points, xy plotter drawings, 3D prints, and augmented reality creatures. These each act as a container for the previous to dissolve the veil of reality.

View from latest installation of the Generative Fossils series

A fusion of code and art, this installation incorporates stylized wall treatments with vinyl lettering that features snippets of the algorithm used to create each artwork. This display presents the powerful union of art and technology. An exposure to the conversation that explores the impact of algorithmic environments on the human experience.

The drawings themselves are a sampling of wave frequencies included in generated bezier curves and written to paper with ink by an axis plotter.

2023, Ink on paper, 42" x 68", photo of artist holding drawings.
2023, 3D printed RGB Silk PLA, Pseudo Fossil, 6" x 4" x 8"

The vector points generated from the original plotter drawings are converted to generative models inside an open form software. These are used to create objects that represent what the historical artifacts of imaginary creatures from virtual worlds might look like.

The generative models are brought back to life using code once more to animate the sculpture in a kinetic representation of creature like movments.

2023, Digital Sculpture in augmented reality (AR)