G. Scott Queen is a research and conceptual artist working in new media with a Bachelor’s of Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. While in his studies at the university, Queen worked primarily in sculpture, painting, and digital media through the artist collective Thrive Studios and international art colony, No Boundaries. Executing and participating in dozens of exhibitions and interactive exhibits bringing music, film, and artistry into collaboration. It was here that Queen found success exploring live music and art performances with real-time digital projections. Several of his large-scale sculptures were featured in indie award winning films and awarded the Pedestrian Public Art Award.

Today his studio work is evolving, driven by Queen’s growing experience in computer science, as well as interest in the philosophy of aesthetics and theories of new media. From a technologist approach he engages with cutting edge software and hardware for expressive purposes through research, writing, and conceptual visual artworks. His experimentations utilize generative and cybernetic programming, machine learning, AI, brain network hardware, custom computers, and extended reality (AR, VR, Omniverse) for expressive purposes. In this age of computerization Queen believes we must explore the most creative approaches to problem solving. If we engage with technology collaboratively we can unlock the full potential of our societies and future generations.

Front page image credit: Alex Gibbs