T-Shirt Concepts inspired by the new Bixal.com

May 21, 2017

Know your users! and other oddly satisfying brand concept t-shirt designs.

Bixal recently refreshed bixal.com, with a new design by the very talented Dharma Pachner. I was lucky to work alongside Dharma as part of the strategy team and earned some takeaways from the challenges redesigning an internal website. It’s funny though, even before you finish, it seems you are already thinking how you can change it, evolve it, take it to another level.  So, in the meantime, here are some conceptual t-shirt designs inspired by the new branding, colors, and fonts of the website.


The “This is how we do it.” services t-shirt.


The “Know your users.” icon grid shirt.


The “The Devils in the Details.” branded t-shirt.BIXAL-Logo_crop2


The “Bixal” urban t-shirt.